A universal language to facilitate your International Business Development

Whether it be in terms of human resources management, business management, team synergy, or the development of the full potential of executives, managers, and leaders, etc., Nova has proven itself time and time again.

But did you know that it’s also an incredible tool when it comes to developing your International Business as well as those relationships?

Sure enough, NOVA allows us to recognize, through our own profile and that of others, attributes, talents, behaviours and dominant motivations in others. Therefore, this quickly allows us to have a greater understanding of both ourselves and others, to therefore better adapt and welcome each situation context, discussion, negotiation, etc.) with respect for each party involved.

Within this context, the NOVA profile becomes a language that’s wonderful and universal as it promotes non-judgmental communications and exchanges. As you can surely imagine, it facilitates discussions and allows to quickly create bonds as well as enriching and durable relationships. And from there can birth authentic and genuine exchanges rather than a power struggle between two parties.

The Challenges of Intercultural Communication

As you probably know, one of the main challenges with international business development and relationships is often found in the difference, in terms of both language and culture that’s inherent to each country. A successful negotiation, business relationship or international contract sometimes hinges solely on our ability to communicate with one another and our understanding of their identity. It’s therefore crucial within this context, to overcome language barriers and cultural differences. That's exactly what the NOVA Profile can offer you, to therefore allow for your company’s international expansion through joy, authenticity, pleasure and ease!

Universal Language… can it actually be possible?

Why do we say that the NOVA Profile is a universal language?

It’s because it allows us to establish a person or group’s behavioral preferences and profound motivations, therefore going directly to the heart of the human being.

In addition, its intuitive, colorful and fluid nature makes it a language in itself, neutral and easy to understand, regardless of our culture. Mastering basic principles, such as each color’s energy and the different types of motivations, assists us in feeling what’s being said beyond words (and therefore, language) the ambiance and context in which a negotiation occurs, for example. Thanks to our understanding of other people’s non-verbal communication, we’re better equipped to assess the most appropriate attitude or tone to use in our interactions.

A good strategy to adopt within an international business relationship context is to start by listening and observing. That said, it isn’t always easy to fairly assimilate and understand the different variables and information being shared with us. The NOVA Profile facilitates this process given that you’ll be equipped to notice, in a more neutral and judgment-free way, the attitudes, behaviors, motivations, energies and general beliefs of the people around you. You’ll therefore discover a ton of relevant information that’ll help you build relationships, develop enjoyable and authentic relationships, regardless of who (people) and where (country) you’re negotiating.

It’ll therefore be easier for you to feel the pulse of the country, city, and inhabitants where you’ll find yourself. For example, does the pace seem fast and chaotic or rather relaxed and tranquil? Are the strangers that you meet warm and inviting or rather reserved and polite? At times, certain details that may seem irrelevant, such as how people behave, traffic, or how you’re greeted in a business or restaurant can speak wonders!

Once you’ve observed these various elements, it then becomes possible, through the use of the NOVA Profile, to recognize the energy and dominant colors of the region where we find ourselves and where we’d like to do business. Certain countries, for example, are known for their respect for tradition, protocol, structure and hierarchy. They tend to favor more introverted and polite attitudes coupled with a certain reserved tone and professional rigor, which are all characteristic of a “green” type of energy. In this case, if you’re more of a “Red” or “Yellow” entrepreneur, you’ll definitely gain from being a bit more reserved with your interactions with these types of countries.

And yet, in other parts of the world, it’ll be the exact opposite: spending a few minutes in a networking conference will allow you to see that the locals relate much more to spontaneity, creativity, charisma, or even a more direct tone, a vigorous handshake and an ease in asserting oneself. You may then have to fight your "Blue" or "Green" tendencies to get noticed and take your place.

Either way, we mustn’t forget that the energy and general colors of a culture is not the only criteria to keep in mind. Profound motivation – from a general standpoint or even inherent to those coveted foreign companies, are important reference points in a business relationship context. Recognizing the different motivations at play (cognitive, aesthetic, altruistic, utilitarian, ideological, individualistic) will complement your understanding of the environment in which you operate ... and facilitate your negotiations!

In conclusion

Knowledge of one's own profile, natural behaviors and profound motivations, both personally and professionally, allows greater adaptability in any situation, not only with regards to attitude but also communication. Note that the point here is not to mask or erase one’s personality and motivations to please others, but rather to become aware of our behavior and adapt it, if necessary, to illustrate respect through our communications, even in a context where the social climate isn’t necessarily aligned with our own personal and professional values. The NOVA Profile then acts as a bridge between both parties and allows each of them to come together and create a common reality, which unites rather than separates.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more… we invite you to complete your experience by viewing a Facebook live accompanied by Jasmine Bélanger, Creator of the NOVA Concept and Josyane Bissonnette, Director of Training and Operations, who together, discuss the NOVA Profile in an International Business Development context. Click HERE to view the video. (Available in French only)

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Published on 2019/07/31
by The NOVA team

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