Are your goals aligned with who you truly are?

Perhaps you’ve already heard the expression, “what you focus on expands?” So, what will you be focusing on this year?... 

With that in mind, a question that could even be more vital for you to ask is: are your resolutions, wishes, and objectives aligned with who you truly are? 

So, will you choose to focus on what makes you vibrate? Or will you focus your attention on who you think you have to be, what you need to acquire or manifest to be a good person, have success, etc.?

The difference is huge and will significantly impact on your life! In fact, it’ll be the difference between light, yet powerful resolutions that’ll naturally manifest through joy; or heavy resolutions that you’ll barely be able to keep and that will guide you towards hardship rather than expansion. 

And so now, are your resolutions and goals a source of energy or are they draining you? Isn’t that the question.

The more your resolutions and objectives align with who you truly are, the more they’ll propel you towards personal and professional expansion! 

That said, for all sorts of reasons, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher what’s actually in alignment with who we are…

For example, the fear of lack (money, time, energy, love, etc.) can lead us to want and do things that don’t truly make us vibrate, but that at first glance seem logical from a survival perspective. No need to tell you just how draining this choice is.

The need to perform at all costs can also lead us to distort our very essence and enter a vicious cycle in the “energy of effort and sacrifice”, to make choices that go against who we are, to go beyond our limits which will impact our health, our social and family life, etc. 

Being disconnected or not knowing yourself is also a factor that can lead us to set draining resolutions rather than fulfilling ones. Or sometimes, it might be that we know ourselves well but can still get blindsided by certain “blind spots,” such as beliefs, labels, and limits that’ll hinder expansion. 

Regardless of the element or reason that we have misaligned ourselves from our true nature, there exist resources to assist us in returning to our essence and establish powerful resolutions that will guide us towards expansion. 

Receiving assistance, such as with the NOVA Profile, for example, will allow you to open your horizons to see what you’re not currently able to perceive to then welcome more clarity as to what truly makes you vibrate. The more clarity you have about who you truly are, the easier it will be to focus your attention on your inspirations, choices, and opportunities that will nourish you, bring about energy, well-being, and success in lightness, fun, and ease.

To learn more about what the NOVA Profile can offer, we invite you to contact our team by clicking HERE.  

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With that, we wish you a 2019 year in alignment with who you truly are!

Published on 2019/01/18
by The NOVA team

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