Case study: How can the NOVA profile positively influence your business start-up

Starting a business is such a pivotal moment in one’s life, one filled with excitement, but that can also bring about so many questions: Am I ready? Do I have what it takes to launch a business? Do I truly have the right skillset needed of a good entrepreneur?

That’s what Martin Leclerc, structural engineer, noticed as he himself started up his own business. After testing a number of tools currently available on the market to complete his approach, he discovered the NOVA Profile, and it truly allowed him to positively influence his business start-up process. Here’s his inspiring story!


After 24 years of working for the Montreal Polytechnic as a laboratory engineer, Martin Leclerc finally worked up the courage to start up his own business. He then met Erick Gauthier, teacher-coach for the Laval and Thousand Islands school board, as part of the Business Launch program. The latter introduced him to the NOVA profile, which immediately spoke to him. When asked to describe how he found the results, he described them as "troubling and impressive."

“Troubling, because there are people who’ve known me for over ten years and who would have never been able to describe me that way.”

- Martin Leclerc

Rediscover and own your personality

When Martin reviewed the content of his NOVA Profile, he was immediately impressed by its accuracy. He immediately recognized his personality traits, but also, to his great surprise, parts of himself which he’d set aside or lost touch with over time.

“It’s as though I was rediscovering myself. As though I’m rediscovering parts of myself, my personality, that I wasn’t using anymore, but that had actually been me in the past.”

- Martin Leclerc

The NOVA profile allowed him to reconnect with who he was, to reconnect with his personality and respect himself in his journey so that the business he’s building will truly reflect who he is.

A better understanding of oneself… and others

The NOVA profile results allowed Martin to understand his behavioral patterns, which automatically allowed him to open up in regard to others. Like many others who’ve had the opportunity to do their profile, he began analyzing his entourage and applying the language of colors to it, which then modified his perception of others. He started viewing certain behaviors which he’d previously found annoying, as simply behavioral differences.

He immediately became more understanding in his interactions and was able to adapt and evolve his interpersonal relationships.

Strength in recognizing one’s limits

When starting up his business, one of the first questions Martin asked himself was, “Could some parts of my personality be a nuisance to me – or help me – in my decision making and my actions?”

He was therefore quite satisfied to discover, within the NOVA profile, tools capable of precisely identifying his strengths, but also, able to identify his limits. It seemed obvious, for example, that it would be in his best interest to find someone that would help him with management, business development, etc, because the characteristics of his profile corresponding to these areas was less present.

Such an awareness is one that very little entrepreneurs have so early in the process but rather, that they acquire throughout years of experiences and countless errors.

We must capitalize on our strengths, not try to correct our weaknesses (limits). Our weaknesses are taken care of by surrounding ourselves with people who have the necessary skillset.

- Martin Leclerc

Self-awareness to facilitate recruiting

With his newfound perception regarding his various behaviors and those of others, Martin quickly discovered that the NOVA profile’s very intuitive concepts would be an asset in facilitating his recruiting process.

With a simple conversation, he’s now able to identify the other person’s predominant color, and easily evaluate whether or not they have complementary qualities to his own. Not only that, but he can also easily recognize whether or not he’ll get along with this person.

In addition, thanks to his broader understanding of his own personality, he’s now able to quickly assess that of others and the differences between them. It allows him to adapt his dialogue as he searches for partnerships that favor healthy, authentic, enjoyable relationships.



Starting your own business should be an exciting, powerful and enjoyable experience, but one that can easily become stressful and scary. Martin’s meeting with Erick brought about clarity in his approach as he was accompanied by Erick in exploring the NOVA profile. As a consultant, Erick was not only able to explain the language of colors, but especially help him integrate and adapt them to the existing context as well as his personal situation. This enriching experience, both personally and professionally, unequivocally and positively influenced his business start-up and will continue doing so throughout the entire process!

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Published on 2020/02/09
by The NOVA Team

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