Case Study: Reconnecting with audacity and breaking free of the status quo.

The positive impact that the NOVA Profile can have on all spheres of a business are vast. The best way to illustrate the power of this tool is to share concrete facts, true stories, or case studies. That said, at NOVA, we believe that “It’s not a case study, it’s a love story!” ;)


Allow us to introduce Linda Carrière Séguin’s story, Founder and owner of Les Armoires Séguin Cabinets.



Armoires Séguin Cabinets is a small family business that was founded in 2002. Like many entrepreneurs, Linda and her spouse, Claude worked hard (arduously so), to launch their business, make it grow and offer the best possible work environment for their employees.

Almost 15 years later, their business is definitely a success! But Linda and Claude are working just as hard as ever. In addition, Linda notes that the business seems to have reached some sort of plateau, as though in the existing context, expansion is no longer possible.

She also realizes that she has a whole lot of responsibilities and her employees still rely heavily upon her despite how she’d love for them to be more autonomous given that she’s slowly starting to think about succession and company transfer.

Within the existing context, she feels tired and confusion is settling in within her. She doesn’t quite understand what’s happening since she’s always been so creative and in touch with her intuition and inspirations, she doesn’t quite understand what’s happening… For the first time in her life, she doesn’t know what to do!



Linda therefore faces a choice point: choose the status quo and continue in this situation or choose expansion and get help.

You’ll guess that she went with expansion! ;) Sure enough, Linda chose to reach out to Hélène Hamilton, business coach, to explore her situation and strategically position herself. Hélène Hamilton is a NOVA certified and Profile Expert, a tool which she regularly uses in her coaching practice.

The NOVA Profile is a tool that determines a person's personality profile, their behavioral preferences (how they communicate, how they perceive the world, how they react in case of emergency, their relationship with time, their openness to change, how they react to authority, their need for structure and organization, etc.) and their profound motivations (what motivates them to take action and why they do so).

Why did Helen suggest that Linda start by completing her NOVA Profile? Because expansion, personal and professional, always begins from within! It’s therefore essential to understand what’s happening within us, as human beings, before we can determine the actions that’ll allow for expansion within our business.

In addition, during their first meeting, Hélène heard Linda say that she "wants to reconnect with her audacity and understand why she feels so controlling”. Linda’s aware that she wants her staff to be more autonomous, but it’s just stronger than her… She always takes control of everything.

As a NOVA expert, Hélène already had a good understanding of the situation: Linda had probably adopted survival behaviors that weren’t hers (adapted personality) in order to perform professionally. But it was now time for her to return to herself (natural personality) ... to her audacity, her creativity, her intuition and her inspirations!



When Hélène showed Linda her NOVA Profile graphics, she was immediately moved and exclaimed: " Hélène, there’s my audacity! I haven’t lost it !!!"

Then, looking at the rest of the graphic, she was able to identify her need to control that had taken over.

The NOVA Profile offers a very detailed personality report about an individual, and it also offers an abundance of visuals and graphics that makes reading the information very simple, easy, and intuitive, even for someone who has no experience with psychometric tools.

It’s thanks to these visuals that Linda was able to recognize, quickly and easily, how she’d disconnected from her natural audacity, hiding behind a mask that was never hers: control and rigidity.

As such, as soon as she realized this, inspirations started coming in again. She knew, exactly what she had to do!


By reconnecting with her natural personality, her audacity, creativity, spontaneity and intuition, Linda has completely transformed her personal life, that of her business, and of her employees. And guess what? The first actions taken following her expansion occurred in her personal life, which then impacted her business. Here are a few concrete examples:

  • She started traveling again, which was something she’d always loved, but had stopped to build her business. Traveling allows her to nurture her curiosity, spontaneity and love of life, and it’s often when she receives inspirations for her business.
  • She chose to make more time for family activities and fun with the people she loves; which allows her to integrate lightness into her life, accept to let go and delegate certain tasks to free up her time for her family (less control and management in the business).
  • She chose to start having lunch with her employees in the cafeteria: she came to the realization that she seldom ate lunch (she never had time!); and that she had very little personal contact with her employees. Taking the time to have open, authentic and spontaneous conversations with her team has allowed her to take a major strategic shift within the company.

Les Armoires Séguin Cabinets are now in constant expansion and Linda is now a true ray of sunshine, inspiring all those around her!

In fact, Linda has accepted to share her experience with us during a Facebook Live Interview, which you can view by clicking HERE (available in French only).



It’s easy to lose yourself or adapt into something we’re not when we’re prisoner of a fast-paced rhythm in our professional, personal, and family life. As well, each business, each profile, each person is unique. Therefore, there isn’t a single path to success, happiness, and prosperity… there’s just YOUR truth!

That’s what NOVA is there: to offer you tools that’ll allow you to reconnect with your natural personality, fully express your unique potential and find your path!

In closing, if you’ve never seen what a NOVA Profile looks like and would like to explore this avenue, know that you can receive a copy of a NOVA profile example, free, via email, by completing the following form: Click Here to receive a free example of a NOVA Profile.

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Published on 2019/05/09

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