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Today’s society tends to assign leadership qualities to persons having rather affirmative, flamboyant, charismatic and extroverted personalities.

However, we at NOVA believe that all persons possess, within themselves, leadership qualities and are therefore able to lead, regardless of their personality. In truth, a leader is first and foremost someone who knows themselves well and is aligned within. This allows them to emanate well-being and thus have a positive impact on both their personal and professional environment, even with an introverted type of personality.

Which is why we created a Leadership profile to allow you to see, recognize, connect with and honor the leader within, in alignment with your natural personality, which includes behavioral preferences and profound motivations. 

The Leadership profile reveals 4 distinct types of leaders, with, of course, a multitude of potential nuances, given the unicity of each profile.

Here’s a short summary of these four leadership types according to NOVA:

The BOLD leader:

Goals oriented, focused on challenges, performance, delivering results, efficiency, and success, the break down the walls leader will lead their projects with determination, courage and alone. Taking action is vital to them. 

The CHARISMATIC leader: 

Focused on their network, on innovation, ideas, communication, future possibilities, partnerships and alliances, the charismatic leader leads their projects with enthusiasm and creativity and knows how to motivate the troops. The connection with others, exchanges and their social life fuels their energy. 


Focused on team unity, consensus, collaboration, coherence, methodology, consistency and pertinence within the team, this perseverant leader brings projects to term patiently and methodically, with respect for each individual. They are a true calm force whose altruism always places humans at the forefront. 

The EXPERT Leader:

Focused on professionalism, quality control, structures, planning, respect for deadlines and attention to details, expert leaders lead their projects with rigor, discipline and respect for procedures. Rather introverted and perfectionist, they are rather assertive, and can always be counted on for their professionalism. 

So, what type of leader are you? ;)

Of course, the NOVA Leadership Profile, which is comprised of about 20 pages, allows for a more profound analysis of the many nuances that make up your personality. By completing your profile, you may even discover that you have natural qualities and talents from different types of leaders.

In Human Resources, this type of profile is excellent in determining the roles and activities of certain leaders within a company, thus promoting each person’s efficiency and well-being, as well as the company’s profitability.

To receive an example of a NOVA Leadership Profile and learn more about its functions both personally and professionally, we invite you to contact our sales team.

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We look forward to exchanging with you!

Published on 2018/11/07
by The NOVA team

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