Five things to consider for authentic and transparent recruiting

One of the most vital aspects to any successful business is, undoubtedly, the hiring process.  

Over time, various trends have caused the entrepreneurial model to evolve, and by the same token, this crucial hiring process. To navigate through it all, we’d like to share five things to consider for authentic and transparent recruitment, and also, how the NOVA profile can be a tool to assist you in your HR hiring process.

  1. Finding THE right candidate thanks to authentic recruiting

When the time comes to hire for a position in our business, our first instinct is often to favor the candidate with the best resumé for the job. But is it truly sustainable to keep going as such? With the current changes taking place in society and the business world, we’re now turning towards a more authentic approach to recruiting rather than a ‘sustainable’ one, and the proof and testimonials supporting this are more than favorable.

What exactly is authentic recruiting? It simply means to go about the hiring process with a transparent, authentic approach while inviting the candidate to do the same. It’s important to be aware of our own motivations and values so that the way in which we present our company is true and our message is clear and honest. We’ll look for a candidate that’s aligned with this message and our ideas and who’s personality is aligned with the needs of the job. To do so, we can use a psychometric tool, such as the NOVA profile, to lay the groundwork to design a certain ‘type’. The concept is simple: we go beyond the candidate’s competencies and we evaluate how they can contribute to the business as a person.

By favoring such an approach, we manage to select candidates whose personality, motivations, and behavioral style is aligned with the business and its objectives, rather than solely looking at their education and years of experience.

Because at the end of the day, you can acquire competencies however, your personality rarely ever changes. In the end, it allows us to avoid hiring someone that doesn’t fit within the company, who won’t be satisfied and will therefore inevitably be less efficient, resulting in a short-term relationship, regardless of how the candidate initially met all the hiring criteria. 

  1. Facing scarcity of labor

No longer is a career merely a means of supporting oneself, but rather, is a vehicle through which we actively contribute to society, and is aligned with our values as we grow and blossom. This phenomenon is obvious given the existing societal scarcity of labor. Because of the large number of vacant positions available in the marketplace, candidates find themselves standing before a sea of job postings and can carefully select the one best suited to their wants and desires. The employer must then seduce potential candidates in wanting to work with them, rather than the other way around, as it once was. Since companies struggle in finding candidates, they tend to rush the hiring process as soon as they find a candidate who has the skills for the job.

As we just saw, this way of operating favors “bad matches”.  Whether it’s the employer who terminates the collaboration or the employee who leaves due to their dissatisfaction, the company sees themselves entering a vicious cycle where they’re constantly going back to the drawing board where they once again find themselves with the same problem – scarcity of labor.

To counter this phenomenon, authentic recruiting is becoming more and more favored and a tool such as the Nova Profile allows companies to identify possible candidates for the company, therefore reducing their chances of finding themselves in the same situation, all over again.

  1. The Job Description: Where it all begins

As much as we’d like to find the right candidate, we need to start by being able to interest and attract them. Authentic recruiting therefore begins with the first step, that of drafting the job description. It may be interesting to take a moment to pause introspectively about the company: what motivated its creation, what are its objectives, what personality traits are necessary or preferred to satisfy the job in question, etc.

By using the NOVA Profile principles, it becomes quite easy to draw up a type of ideal candidate for the job. Not only based on years of experience or competencies, but also, in terms of the types of interests, motivations, and personality types best suited for the position. Given the Nova Profile’s intuition and clarity, it’s rather simple to identify the dominant color for the position. Will we want someone who’s determined, direct, and demanding with a tendency towards red? Or perhaps someone who’s rigorous, analytical, and is attentive to the small detail, such as a blue? Once that’s been defined, we can then use Nova’s language to put together a job description that will use the right terms to attract the type of person we’re actually looking for.

  1. Attracting the right candidate: your business in seduction mode

As mentioned in the previous points, attracting the right candidate is no easy feat given the current state of labor scarcity. The future employee has a wealth of choices, and the experience they’ll have during the hiring process will allow them to judge whether or not they feel at home with you. Everything gets determined during those first initial interactions.

With this in mind, authentic recruiting is an added value given that transparency and authenticity are much sought after and respected values in this day and age. Being honest, human and being able to communicate with clarity during those initial meetings will quickly be appreciated.  

Using psychometric tests assists in sharing our desire for transparency and shedding light on the importance that the company places to the human side of the person they’re trying to recruit. It’s much less impersonal than merely focusing on the tasks and required competencies and illustrates those personality traits necessary to the position which creates interest and curiosity for the said position.

Additionally, from a more technical but quite pertinent perspective, the Nova Profile is very quick to complete (about twenty minutes), compared to other psychometric tools. It draws a great picture of the candidate’s personality without discouraging them with a lengthy questionnaire. It’s also quite intuitive and easy to understand, thanks to the language of colors.

Lastly, given that we’re asking the candidate to talk about themselves, their motivations and personality, the candidate equally feels that we’re interested in them as a person, which is quite rewarding. Having them pass a test is also an interesting experience: it’s the perfect opportunity for introspection, which will only heighten their interest in your company.


  1. Develop an efficient interview, free of judgment and that stands out

The interview has always been the most crucial, pivotal element of any hiring process. Faced with a slew of potential candidates, the tendency was often to try and ‘trick’ the interviewee. We’d try to find their flaws, judge their reactions, interpret their body language in order to disqualify those who didn’t seem good enough.

In the case of authentic recruiting, it’s quite the opposite. We quickly realize that by being open and honest about certain parts of a resumé that worry us allows for a much more honest in-depth interview. It allows the candidate to elaborate, give their perspective or opinion about the questions and to even be able to explain. The questions asked are in opening and lack judgment, which is much more inviting for the person being questioned. In reality, an interview done through authentic recruiting looks a whole lot more like a conversation between two people rather than an inquisition. We encourage the candidate to talk about themselves, their motivations, behaviors and goals, rather than asking closed questions where they’ll surely answer what we want them to.

The human aspect of the interview without a doubt, is a big plus, and the results of Nova’s psychometric test bring about a nice diversity of subjects to touch on during the interview. It guides us in an atmosphere of exchange and sharing, it’s agreeable, and intentions are clear. Both parties are free to express their intentions, their expectations and worries without fear of being judged by the other party. It also allows for more flexibility, depth and spontaneity. The employer can in fact trust their own intuition and allow it to guide their questions using certain responses to the psychometric test for example, as a springboard towards other topics.

Of course, there is no secret recipe: finding THE ideal candidate for a position is no small feat. But as you’ve seen, the process doesn’t have to be a headache, it’s possible to picture it with clarity, transparency and authenticity. Within this optic, using the NOVA profile as a psychometric tool can play a major role in the success of your hiring process. Should you wish to learn more about how the NOVA profile can assist you, we invite you to contact our team by clicking HERE.

In closing, our team would like to thank Véronique Turgeon, HR consultant and NOVA Expert, in her collaboration with writing this article.

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Published on 2020/01/07
by The NOVA Team

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