Harmonizing communications within your couple

Communications amongst humans isn’t always easy, even when we’re in love with the other person…wouldn’t you agree?

Sure enough, our personality plays an important role in how we communicate. Based on our different behaviors, motivations, past experiences, how we express ourselves, perceive, analyze, and understand the world around us, etc., there can be a world of difference between what we communicate and what’s received by the world around us, and vice versa.

So, within that context, how can we arrive at clear, fluid, and enjoyable communications with our partner, or any other person?

Undoubtedly, the first step is to be open and to welcome…open and welcoming both with ourselves as well as with others. Being open and welcoming means being non-judgmental about oneself, others, the situation, the conversation, etc.

With that in mind, we have to admit that in the heat of the fire, being open, welcoming and in non-judgment is easier said than done. That’s when taking a moment to pause and come back to oneself becomes essential for harmonious communications. Returning to self can also allow us to “get out from the control” that certain emotions have over us and that could taint our communications. Whether it’s a surplus of anger or too much enthusiasm, this “overflow” may bring distortion or confusion to our exchanges, and even stimulate judgement and certain emotions within the other person. You’ve probably already experienced it? ;)

The impact is even more significant for couples given that so many details of everyday life (sometimes even for business partners) is shared between two people. That’s where the NOVA profile becomes such a powerful tool in harmonizing communications with your partner!

Why and how you ask?

The NOVA profile is a tool that determines a person’s personality profile, including their behavioral preferences (their communication style, how they perceive the world, how they react to emergencies, their relationship with time, their openness to change, how they react to authority, their need for structure and organization, etc.) as well as their profound motivations (what motivates them to act and why they do).

After completing an online questionnaire, NOVA can provide you with a detailed personality profile (approximately 30 pages, depending on the profile).

Should you wish to watch a few testimonials of people who experienced it, we invite you to consult our YouTube channel, or join our Facebook group “Shine your Colors!”.

Consequently, in light of your profile, it’ll be easier for you to understand yourself and your partner. It’ll also be easier for you to be open, welcoming and non-judgmental since you’ll better understand how and why you and your partner communicate the way that you do.

You’ll surely understand that it’s with this in mind that differences become complimentary rather than conflictual within your relationship, and that harmony and expansion can finally become a part of your communications in your daily life.

Interested in hearing from various couples and their experiences with the NOVA profile?

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Published on 2019/03/08
by The NOVA team

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