Human Beings At the center of the Business Model - NOVA Ambassador Portrait with Ghani Kolli


The Entrepreneurial world was taken by surprise last Spring with the global pandemic situation. Businesses, big and small, had to reinvent themselves through incredible creativity and undeniable courage! It's now obvious that new entrepreneurial business models are a necessity.

And that's precisely what entrepreneur Ghani Kolli has been doing and telling his clients for years now. Here is the inspiring portrait of Ghani Kolli, an expert in innovation and strategic support in the development of business models, founder of HumanYo + Impact and NOVA ambassador.

Serial Entrepreneur, Technophile and Humanist

Deeply passionate about innovation and technology, Ghani Kolli built his first tech start-up in Algeria at the age of 24. Curious, dynamic, and jack-of-all-trades, he advanced in the entrepreneurial world for several years, both as sales director and general manager, then CEO in various companies in Morocco, Algeria, and in Canada.

In 2014, he founded HumanYo+Impact, a design and strategic alignment firm serving entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations. He and his collaborators have as a mission to allow for collective intelligence to emerge within organizations, to generate desired impacts with ease in the face of uncertainty among entrepreneurs, all with a human, innovative approach.

An "amplified humanity" as an entrepreneurial model

Ghani's quest for "amplified humanity" began after an important professional experience back in 2010. At the time, he was 30 years old, and his mandate was to restructure a subsidiary of a large industrial group in Algeria. Limited by the existing organizational model, he found himself in the difficult position of having to manage employee layoffs and dismissals, because, in part, the company's business model wasn't adapted to its needs and objectives. Witnessing their doubt and insecurity impacted him deeply and made him think. He recognized the need to completely revisit his vision of the business world and entrepreneurship

This is where his quest for professional alignment and a more human model began, a model that's "amped" by available technologies, and not be overtaken by them. It's with that in mind that he looked to the NOVA Profile, which he'd discovered a few years earlier in a business setting, without having had paid too much attention to it, beyond being a mere tool. This time, however, all its possible potential and Impact appeared to him like a revelation!


"It clicked! I didn't have the answers, but I obviously had a good question, namely, how do you reconcile technology and people? "

- Ghani Kolli

Personality, motivations, and natural talents at the service of the business model

"Amplified Humanity" is the cornerstone of Ghani's vision, his personal quest. How, indeed, can we reconcile these two very fascinating dimensions, humans, which we never cease to discover, and technology, which is continuously evolving and with leaps and bounds?


"I have come to the conclusion that we can increase humanity through technology" - Ghani Kolli

To do this, HumanYo+impact helps entrepreneurs reinvent their business models aligned with the humans that are a part of them. In addition to Ghani Kolli and his team's expertise and innovation, one of the keys elements of his approach is based on the integration of the NOVA Profile at the very heart of the design of the personal and team business model.

"As much as possible, we seek alignment between the organization's mission, business model, and natural talents of each individual who are part of it."

- Ghani Kolli

Reinventing oneself without misalignment

Although he's been a NOVA practitioner for many years, Ghani Kolli does not define himself as a "NOVA expert" and prefers the role of "ambassador," since it is not so much the technical nature of the profile that interests him rather than its potential within organizations and internationally. Although people mainly consult him for his strategic design service, he never misses an opportunity to humanize the approach, in particular, through the application of the NOVA Profile.

The starting point for designing a business model at HumanYo+Impact is, in fact, to have all key personnel within the organization complete a personal profile, and do the company's professional profile as well, to then overlay the two and rebuild an optimized model that's aligned with the human factors.

"At HumanYo+Impact, the NOVA Profile is no longer just a tool. It's part of a much deeper strategic approach, meant to create a real, lasting impact."

- Ghani Kolli


When asked about the success of clients who've used HumanYo+Impact's strategic design services, Ghani Kolli accepts no praise other than having served as a point of inflection and reflection in the approach of these people. His objective is to accompany entrepreneurs in seeing what they're perhaps not able to see at the moment, what they don't know that they don't know, to guide them towards the most naturally aligned direction for them. "If the entrepreneur is successful, it's because of himself," he says from the getgo.

Since 2020's chaotic start, Ghani and his team have found that more than ever, their approach in teaching entrepreneurs to be comfortable in the face of adversity is increasingly relevant. "People have clearly expressed a need to move from individuality to collectivity, from linear to agility."

According to him, this crisis allowed for a ten-year leap in the evolution of the marriage of technology and humans. The effervescence of video conferencing platforms during the pandemic is a good example.

"I train in Alma, and I teach in the Maghreb, all the while staying here in Montreal. We reinvent ourselves, and that is the beauty of being human. "

- Ghani Kolli


When Ghani and the HumanYo+Impact team observe the situation, they hope that it will allow us to switch to a "wisdom economy," that is to say an economy that is more inclusive and respectful, both for humans and the planet. An economy that seeks, yes, profit and wealth, but that's also aligned with those people who comprise it as with those who it serves, all aiming for an ideal, a cause that's greater than itself.

HumanYo+Impact offers you the opportunity to be accompanied by a formula combining training and coaching (individual and in groups), in a journey to reinvent yourself by aligning your personality and your motivations with your personal business models.

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Published on 2020/08/15
by The NOVA Team

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