Humans driving the revolution in corporate culture

When it comes to driving change within our business, there’s more to consider than just operations, finances, and strategy considering the impact on people’s lives.

In a world driven by success proven through numbers, this committed and passionate lady proves that growth and performance are intimately linked to our people. Here’s the portrait of Stéphanie Côté Mongrain, Certified Scaling Up Coach, founder of Conseil SCM and NOVA Ambassador.


A lifetime of experiencing and nurturing change

Stéphanie Côté Mongrain has always held management and organizational development positions, and this, in a very diversified array of industries ranging from the military, manufacturing, mining, and even aeronautics, where she spent the majority of her career.

Her kaleidoscopic journey has one common thread throughout that inspired the remainder of her career. In each of her roles, Stéphanie found herself designing, managing, and organizing these businesses’ transition through massive systemic, logistical, and personnel changes. Without a doubt, it’s what showed her that it’s the people in the company who are the driving force of a business; they are the lever for organizational sustainability.

Today, a certified Scaling Up management coach, Stéphanie Côté Mongrain, is piloting her strategy-consulting firm, Conseil SCM. She accompanies SME’s in development and sustainable growth and achieves organizational efficiency, all through an approach that considers the individuals who are a part of it.

Changing corporate culture, from top to bottom

Passionate and altruistic, Stéphanie is convinced that it isn’t an organization’s budget, business plan, or marketing strategy that’ll guarantee a successful shift, but rather, the human factor. Therefore, corporate culture must be the first to change. It isn’t enough to change the “global culture” or systems; the people, those involved in the business, must change.

Stephanie’s guiding principle is that any change in corporate culture must come from the top down. Her coaching, therefore, begins by modifying leadership’s key behaviors, then moving on to their executive team, and end with the rest of their managers to make sure that the changes made cascade fluidly, in a collaboratively accountable approach -therefore sending a strong message.

“We must develop ourselves as managers within a business, and this, regardless of our level or position” - Stéphanie Côté Mongrain

A concept that hasn’t always been easy to anchor in mentalities, but that she’s nevertheless successfully implanted wherever she’s gone; even in isolated and rigid sectors, such as mining, manufacturing, and military.


“I was fortunate enough to work with leaders who had that open mind.” - Stéphanie Côté Mongrain


Starting from the essence

The collaborative approach that she favors begins by instilling a simple key behavior, which involves systematically getting the manager to consciously ask themselves, “Am I listening to my team? How and I communicating with them? How can I help this person develop?”

The starting point is, therefore, getting the leader’s profile done. Working with SME’s led Stephanie to adopt the NOVA Profile for her cabinet because she needed a precise and intuitive tool that’s especially based on reliable scientific data.

“It’s practical, visual and immediately easy to understand!” - Stéphanie Côté Mongrain

Once the profile is completed, we start with the leader’s essence to identify and apply the right key behaviors and know the right questions to ask. In addition, the intuitive aspect of the profile brings about an empowerment and ownership effect. Since self-knowledge brings about autonomy, this allows them to replicate the same process in a different context. The same goes for all involved members and teams. By understanding NOVA’s basic principles, they’re then able to “think” in NOVA’s language and learn to consciously apply the right key behaviors.

“I’d say that it’s the cornerstone for transformation (the NOVA Profile). Until a leader is willing to become aware of themselves, who they are, and their impact on others, you’ll never be able to change the culture. You can’t make your team participatory and collaborative with a leader that stays directive” Stéphanie Côté Mongrain


An Adapted and Adaptable Communication and Management Tool

Resistance to change is an inevitable part of any endeavor to change corporate culture. Stéphanie discovered that the NOVA Profile offers an effective solution to this resistance. By adapting language and behavior to the dominant color of a team or key individuals, managers are able to avoid tension and exemplify openness. Therefore, bringing about change in culture, logistics, or systems, at all company levels, happens in a fluid and gentle way.

“The NOVA Profile comes and helps adapt each person’s training and development plan since they’ll be the ones living in this ‘new era.’”– Stéphanie Côté Mongrain

Also, she particularly likes the “comprehensive” aspect of the NOVA Profile. Indeed, it not only allows us to adapt to different situations and be aware of the impact that our dominant color has on others but also, used with the concept of motivations, it has inclusiveness that helps us avoid using “labels” on a person within a framework that’s too rigid. Communication through various company channels is immediately facilitated.


Changing a business’s culture is no easy task. We’re talking about asking humans, who have their personality and life outside of work, to modify certain behaviors, attitudes, and kneejerk reactions. For some, it’s synonymous with asking them to change who they are as individuals.

Stéphanie Côté Mongrain likes the challenge this offers and, above all, feeling that she’s helping people see their business more humanely. She hopes to inspire leaders to want to stay close to the other humans who make up their company and perpetuate this inclusive, collaborative, and participative vision.

To learn more about Stéphanie and Conseil SCM, see her Facebook page HERE or her website HERE.

Questions about the NOVA Profile and its possibilities in your career or business? Contact us! It’ll be our pleasure to chat with you!

Published on 2020/10/22
by The NOVA Team

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