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"I don't recognize myself anymore", "I don't feel like I'm on my X anymore", "I feel like I've lost a part of who I am, a part of my personality"...

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? Have you ever had the impression that you lost yourself somewhere along the way, and now some roadblocks are preventing you from evolving and growing, personally or professionally? If so, don't worry, it's a very common phenomenon, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship, where our skills, strengths, and character are constantly solicited.

This is one of the topics we discussed with the passionate - and fascinating! - François Charron, host, columnist, and NOVA ambassador.

Multi-faceted Entrepreneur

Born in 1968 in Montreal, François has been involved in entrepreneurship and show-business since his adolescence, including student radio. It was there that he instantly developed qualities of initiative and leadership that would follow him throughout his career. Always open to new experiences and opportunities, and best known for his career as a columnist and co-host of Salut, Bonjour!, he’s worn many hats over the years, including that of host, columnist, and producer for both radio and television.

Simultaneously, he satisfied his entrepreneurial side with his own production company and, with his team, created This solution helps entrepreneurs design their website, their online store, and manage their Internet marketing. This success then allowed him to be a guest speaker at more than 600 conferences in 100 cities across Quebec!

Rich with experience, François devotes himself to projects that are near and dear to his heart and where he's the main driver. True to his straightforwardness and great sense of humor, he describes himself as a host/columnist who "does business not to get annoyed by producers." A recipe that seems to be working for him, since his projects such as the website, and his website, and new podcast La vie est belle – le podcast, have become veritable successes.


Growth crisis... and existential crisis

At the peak of his company's success, François had to face a growth crisis, much like many entrepreneurs. Through all his projects, his accomplishments, and his company's solid growth, he always felt, from a personal point of view, a kind of dissatisfaction, a sense of lack. He describes this crisis period with words we often hear among entrepreneurs: feeling alone in the world, having lost his reference points, no longer being on his "x"...

During this period of his life, he was fortunate enough to be introduced to the NOVA Profile. He completed his profile, and the results were very revealing for him.


"The results, what my natural profile revealed about me and what my adapted profile showed, was a revelation/ slap in the face!"
- François Charron


The results revealed to him that he was, in fact, in adapted mode 24 hours a day. His unease stemmed from the fact that he didn't really like this personality that he was putting on display 24 hours a day, and that wasn’t actually his own.


His green had given way to red, and he had gone from being a charismatic, motivating leader to a much more directive personality, inclined to push others rather than persuade them to follow him. Becoming aware of this situation drastically changed his vision of things and entrepreneurship.


A multi-purpose tool

Seeing a world of opportunities, François decided to integrate the NOVA Profile into his daily life and make it a part of his company's DNA. Therefore, he and the company's General Manager obtained their NOVA certification, and together they developed management techniques based on the colors and motivations of each individual, which improved and completely transformed internal communications and interactions. Now, the entire company's employees receive their NOVA Profile, and all recruitment activities are based on the profile.


With the company's business running like clockwork and managed by efficient and autonomous teams, once again, he found himself feeling a kind of void or lack.


"I didn't have anything of my own. Mine with an egotistical capital M" - François Charron

Given that his profile showed a very high level of "individualism," he wasn't necessarily satisfied with his company's projects, even though he loved them and actively participated in them. He realized that he missed his role as host, having his own projects, and conducting important interviews. He decided to sell his business and devote himself to his more personal projects, namely the web and websites.  He then decided to create a project just for him, one that resembled him, the La vie est belle (Life is Beautiful) podcast, where he entertains various Quebec personalities in a friendly environment, with a glass of bubbly.


"It's my from me to me" - François Charron


To get his guests out of their usual ‘scripts’ when he would ask them to talk about themselves, he drew upon his own experiences and had a flash of inspiration: he'd have them complete their NOVA Profile and use the results to get them to talk about who they truly are, in a more authentic and in-depth manner. It was an instant success!

His interviews are revealing - both to the listeners and the guests themselves - very interesting and surprising aspects of their personalities emerge. Whether it's flamboyant guests like Alex Perron, who actually happens to have very little yellow and is quite introverted, or Lara Fabian, whose deep motivations don't seem to line up with a career as an international celebrity, ultimately you learn a lot about how someone navigates between their natural and adapted profile.



Having had the chance to complete his personal profile at the right time in his life, François was quickly able to become aware of the gap between his natural profile and his adapted profile, which was instrumental in his life. However, he insists on one important point: coming back to his natural profile, color and motivations after having put them on the back burner for such a long time isn't something that can be done overnight. Even years later, he still notices that he sometimes sets aside his green as he shifts to red. The NOVA Profile allows you to find solutions and see, concretely, the behaviors you have that affect your adapted or natural style.


François learned a life lesson from his experience with NOVA and now wants to focus on the professional projects that come from him, for him. For the longest time, he pushed others to live their dreams and now wishes to preach by example and make his own dreams come true.


To learn more about François Charron's projects, do not hesitate to visit his websites: and

Questions about the NOVA Profile? Want to know more about the concepts of the natural profile, the adapted profile, and deep motivations? Contact us! It will be our pleasure to exchange with you!


Published on 2021/01/20
by The NOVA Team

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