Opening ourselves up and going within, the greatest gift of all!

December is often a month where we look at and complete all sorts of things prior to the arrival of the new year. We look upon what was and wasn’t accomplished, we celebrate success, realign disharmony in certain spheres of our lives, and we define new intentions for the year to come. 

December is therefore a wonderful month to go within… it’s the greatest gift of all! Why? Because when we’re connected to who we truly are, life becomes much easier, much more enjoyable, and that’s when abundance in all its forms can arrive, and when we’re able to welcome personal and professional expansion! 

Which inspired us to offer you a few ideas to make the process a bit easier, since, let’s be honest, it can sometimes bring about certain discomforts. 

Here are a few questions to explore as you wrap up your year, if your heart whispers you to:

  • What does it mean to you, to go within? When you’re aligned with who you truly are, how do you feel the connection within you? How is this connection expressed in your state of being and how does it feel within your body? Do you observe greater clarity or fluidity in your daily life? Do you notice certain events or concrete results when you’re connected within?
  • How do you feel when you disconnect from who you truly are and what concrete ramifications appear in your life?
  • In what energy will you be completing the year? Do you feel like you’re at your wit’s end or are you full of energy and more alive than ever?
  • Did you experience a year of integrity and alignment with yourself? Or, was it an external race, a never-ending quest to please others and consistently perform?
  • Are you satisfied and happy with the year that’s just passed?... Or is it never enough for you? Why?
  • In both your professional and personal relationships, were you able to express yourself in complete authenticity, your visions, ideas, inspirations, feeling, joys and discomforts? Or did you hold back and stop yourself from sharing certain things to those around you out of fear of creating conflict or displeasing someone?
  • Have you courageously welcomed all expansion opportunities that life offered you throughout the year? Or did you miss some opportunities out of fear (fear of running out of time, money, energy, displeasing others, losing contracts, relationships, etc.)?
  • Have you honored your body and your health, or did you tend to not listen to your body's signs in order to perform or push your limits?
  • What activities feel good, for your body and your spirit? Have you allowed yourself to practice these activities throughout the year?
  • As the end of the year approaches, do you feel disharmony in certain spheres of your life (personal, relationships, professional, financial, health, etc.) that brings about heaviness in your daily life? Are the necessary actions to restore harmony clear to you, or does confusion persist? 
  • In the New Year, are you ready to commit to yourself and stay connected to who you truly are?

And you? What questions do you normally like to explore during your annual review?
Since opening up within also means opening up to others, we invite you to share them with us and come and exchange with us in the Facebook group "Shine your Colors!".

In closing, if you’re always looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your friends, family members or even for yourself, we remind you that the NOVA Profile is a wonderful tool to go within… and it’s the most precious gift of all! ;) If It makes your heart vibrate, feel free to reach out to our team to get a hold of some gift certificates. Click here to contact our team.

With that, we wish you Happy Holidays and a beautiful 2019 year connection within!

Published on 2018/12/19
by The NOVA team

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