Organizing one’s time in alignment with our personality

Do you feel like you’re always running out of time?
Are you often late? … Or rather, always ahead of time?  

Each of us has a different perception of time according to our personality, which influences how we organize our time and make use of it. 

For some, a year represents an eternity, and, for others, it goes by in a flash. Some seem to always be running without ever completing everything on their to-do list; while others steadily navigate their well-organized agenda, but heaven forbid you should try to move anything in it! ;)

And yet, time is time… it’s the same for everyone! So how is it that each of us perceives it so differently? 

Once again, the NOVA profile is a powerful tool to answer this very question given that our perception of time is dependent upon our behavioral preferences and our deep-rooted motivations. Knowing your profile can therefore allow you to better understand your relationship with time and better organize your schedule in alignement with your personality and natural talents. This way, you’ll automatically gain in efficiency as you express your full potential with ease! … Not to mention the well-being you’ll gain from the experience!

Curious about learning more? 

We invite you to peruse, below, some examples of perceptions and the use of time based on the language of the different colors’ personality traits from the NOVA Profile.

We remind you that based on the NOVA Profile, colors provide information on behavioral and cognitive preferences. It will certainly be easier for you to make associations with your own personality if you already know your own profile.

If it’s not the case, know that you can contact our team to have your profile done for you, or ask for a free example of a NOVA Profile.

So, here’s how each of the colors perceives time and behaves in regards to time:


The red color:

A person who has red as a predominant color in their profile perceives time either as their ally, or their enemy, depending on the context and situation. Indeed, this personality type is capable of completing tasks quickly and is a master or emergencies! As such, depending on the objective, time will be well calculated, and they’ll react quickly; or, time will be elastic and perceived as an ally since they know they can stretch it to get everything done in record time.

On the other hand, in other situations, this person could easily become impatient and judge, based on their perception; that others are wasting time or wasting their time … In short, because they’re task oriented and perceive their environment as hostile, they could easily attempt to ‘dominate’ time, that is, try to control it. 

Their personal organization as well as that of their team could therefore be impacted; that is, they may tend to uselessly create emergencies. However, they could also be highly efficient, especially when they’re racing against time themselves. ;)


The yellow color:

A person who has yellow as a predominant color in their profile has a very ‘vague’ notion of time, and if it was up to them, they’d just eliminate it from this world! ;) Kidding aside, because they have a great need to interact with others and have fun, they’ll savor each moment they can to fulfill their needs, which may impact both their personal and professional structuring.

Indeed, because they’re more relationship oriented, they can easily neglect their calendar of ‘activities/tasks’ to be continue being inspired by their intuition and global vision. They’ll also downplay the importance of any type of structure, including time, which could easily be interpreted as too rigid and therefore a hindrance to their spontaneity and enthusiasm. Unlike their red counterparts, yellow will ‘take the time’ to enjoy time, as they try to play with time, to their advantage… Carpe Diem! 


The green color:

A person who has green as a predominant color in their profile is also relationship focused. That being said, unlike their yellow counterparts, they have a deep need for stability and a calm rhythm. They therefore perceive time as an ally. They often repeat things such as “all in due time” or “time will tell”, etc.

Indeed, they are very methodical and enjoy taking life one step at a time, it’s reassuring for them as they habituate themselves to each sequence. They’ll establish some type of personal organization method which they’ll create that will assist them in accomplishing their tasks, despite being relationship focused. Green will tend to let time take care of things… which can sometimes be very convenient for them given that they sometimes have difficulty making certain decisions on their own! ;)


The blue color:

A person who has blue as a predominant color in their profile has a clear and well-defined vision of time. They truly appreciate its structure that offers them a clear framework which allows them to be organized and proactive. Indeed, because they perceive their environment as hostile, they like to be prepared ahead of time to accomplish their tasks and thus meet the demands that are asked of them. 

Masters in the art of structure and organisation, they like to clearly define their routine, both personally and professionally. Much like red, blue is task oriented. They therefore like to make sure things are well done and that they meet their deadlines. You’ll probably have guessed by now that this personality type is very punctual. In fact, for them, people who are always late is a phenomenon that’s completely alien to them. 


How about you? How do you perceive time? Do you recognize yourself in any of these behaviours? 

Of course, to get the full picture of a person’s relationship with time, it’s crucial to know all of the colors that make up their profile as well as their deep motivations, given that these will amplify or nuance certain colors. 

In closing, should you have questions, or want to learn more about this topic, we invite you to join our Facebook group « Rayonnez vos couleurs! »

This group is a space to exchange and allow you to discover and explore your personality’s full potential on a daily basis, both personally and professionally.

We look forward to exchanging with you!

Published on 2018/10/25
by The NOVA team

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