The key to optimal team synergy

With society constantly evolving, businesses and services must also adapt and grow. With new generations of entrepreneurs arriving and a multitude of increasingly rapid changes in so many societal spheres (environment, economy, health, etc.), we’re now privy to new entrepreneurial trends.

Demands and values have also evolved and placed individuals and their well-being at the heart of their actions. People want to consume products or do business with companies whose values are aligned with their own. In the face of this new reality, it’s essential for companies to also move towards a way of being that places beings rather than assets at the forefront.  

Therefore, evolution and transformation must occur through the organizational process rather than taking place beyond functional operations or marketing. Each person’s full potential and creativity won’t suffice if they don’t feel like they’re part of a whole, a cooperation. Within such a context, it’s crucial to a company’s success that team synergy be set up. It’s what motivates more and more business leaders, bosses and entrepreneurs – that is, leaders – to turn towards conscious leadership, to mobilize and inspire their collaborators and grow their business.

Conscious Leadership at the base of optimal team synergy

Conscious leadership is primarily characterized by a leader’s ability to be in the present moment, be empathetic and listen to themselves, others, their environment, etc. Whether in the context of success or failure, the conscious leader is able to be introspective in their analysis and approach to the situation, and this, through the spirit of benevolence, openness and authenticity. As such, their needs and those of their collaborators (employees, customers, partners, etc.) are taken into account, at the same level as those of the organization for which they’re responsible.

The conscious leader is also the one who encourages this same kind of awareness within their team. It therefore facilitates good relationships and communication, with the goal of achieving a collective way of thinking, based on everyone’s collaboration. They know how to provide feedback in an environment based on confidence, managing emotions, communicating expectations in such a way as to mobilize employees and collaborators and they’re also better equipped to manage and prevent conflicts. It is a positive approach, which favors employee/collaborator autonomy and initiative and it increases efficiency and the company’s satisfaction level.

The NOVA Profile: A powerful tool when integrating conscious leadership

Reaching this type of attitude requires us to become aware and elevate our own consciousness, our motivations, and behavioral mechanisms, not just globally, but also through small gestures and everyday tasks. It requires being able to authentically regard oneself without judgment

Psychometric tool of excellence, designed to help in better knowing and understanding one another, the NOVA profile is the ideal tool to develop conscious leadership. Indeed, through the language of colors, identifying a person’s profound motivations and psychological type, the NOVA profile encourages introspection which leads to better and more in depth understanding of oneself and our mechanisms, which, as we saw earlier, is the source of conscious leadership!

Using the NOVA profile therefore allows a leader to identify their own behavioral preferences, potential pitfalls, their decision-making process, how they communicate and interact, which will impact their ability to mobilize collaborators. Through the language of colors, they can therefore identify and name the facets of their personality, but also to do the same with others. Becoming conscious of this, leaders recognize their own needs as well as those of others and adjust their approach in exercising leadership, such as when they offer feedback, for example, or mobilize others so that they feel engaged in a project, or manage conflict, etc.


The NOVA profile, source of successful team synergy

Claudia Lamothe, NOVA consultant and expert, saw firsthand how successful it was to use the NOVA Profile when she used it as part of her developing conscious leadership training.

Seeing the tool’s enormous potential for raising consciousness, she made it the very first part of her training workshops. She quickly received enthusiastic testimonials from people who had completed her training and who, after using conscious leadership and the NOVA Concept, saw real and lasting team synergy settle in within their organization. Where conflict and tension once prevailed, collaborators, employees, and all those involved were able to use NOVA’s language and tools to better collaborate. They began having more authentic communications and eliminated any judgments in their perception of one another. Equipped and able to see and recognize each other's differences thanks to NOVA’s language, they were able to get to know each other from a different perspective. The fact that the "bluer" types need more details, for example, whereas those with strong red tendencies prefer getting straight to the point, was no longer a cause for friction: now, everyone knew the best way to address the other.

“What really stands out for me, and that I find so amazing, is how it changes conversations. It’s as though after (the NOVA Concept), everyone’s able to communicate their needs. Everyone understands that there’s no “good” or “bad”, how a person operates, their behavior, etc... it’s simply from a different need from one person to the other. It’s therefore easier to approach a delicate topic with someone, without there being conflict. It can even be done using humor!”


- Claudia Lamothe, NOVA Consultant and expert


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Published on 2019/10/11
by The NOVA Team

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