Understanding oneself is the source of entrepreneurial influence: Portrait of a NOVA Ambassador


NOVA is a worldwide team of magnificent collaborators, partners, and ambassadors. Each day, we're filled with gratitude for being so well surrounded and having the opportunity to collaborate with these amazing people.

Through a series of blog articles, we wanted to feature some of them by presenting their journey, along with how the NOVA Profile has impacted their professional practice.

So without further ado, here is the portrait of Marco Roy, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and NOVA Ambassador.


A lifetime of experiences to share

Marco Roy has passion in his bones. As far as he can remember, he has always had a very dynamic personality, a thirst for exploration, and a desire to create relationships with others, which led him to launch his own business. His impressive journey is quite representative of his entrepreneurial philosophy: atypical and convoluted with as many highs as lows, each filled with rich learning experiences.

He started his brokerage firm at 19, making him the youngest real estate broker in Quebec at the time. He smilingly admits that such entrepreneurial and financial success at such a young age definitely boosted his ego, to the point where he ended up becoming overconfident and eventually lost everything at 25.

Nevertheless, with a whole new level of humility, he quickly bounced back and spent the next fifteen years working in business development and corporate distribution. Eventually, it was health problems that forced him to take a break from work - a time where he truly opened his consciousness. He then decided to sell everything and take a one-year sabbatical.

During that time, he traveled, recharged, and followed various trainings – coaching more specifically – through which he discovered the NOVA Profile. At the end of his sabbatical, he was recruited by the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship to give training as a business coach.


Today, Marco continues to offer his services at the school, but his focus is mainly with his clients of Étape 21, the coaching firm he established back in 2010.  He guides business leaders, management committees, and family management committees, as well as various people and teams, in achieving their objectives. In fact, he uses the NOVA Leadership and Management Profiles as well as the NOVA Team Profiles with his clients.

He's also the leader of the Québec chapter of the APM (Progress Management Association), a non-profit association working on the development of entrepreneurs, sharing experiences and expertise for the latter, to foster their positive impact on society.

Intention: a reality that's inherent to success

Through his journey, Marco Roy has made it his mission to lead entrepreneurs in better knowing themselves and help them grow their business, of course, but also to allow them to evolve as a people, entrepreneurs, teams, etc. Passionate about cycling, he likes to compare the path of an entrepreneur to that of a race: a winding road, dotted with twists and turns that we learn to understand better thanks to the integration of our reference points and experience. The logo and name of his company, Étape 21 (Step 21), references the legendary Tour de France.

To him, a business whose vision is to grow consistently, for the sheer sake of growth, makes no sense. There must be a higher intention than profit when developing a business. His role, therefore, is to create an opportunity for his clients to reflect upon how they can identify and align their intentions with their actions.


"I need that reason, that sense to be there, to feel like I'm making a difference with a client." 

 Marco Roy, business coach, and NOVA Ambassador

He advocates a case-by-case approach, where humans prevail and where intention is at the center of everything. Unlike some coaching trends, Marco's approach is more organic, free, and light. Rigid frameworks, standardized plans, and "make your business prosper in 10 easy steps", do very little for him.

Aware that the diversity of personalities varies the need for coaching from one person to another, he has nonetheless developed a series of tools which he calls his "boot camps", which allows him to adapt to each client. There is, however, a boot camp essential, which he uses with all his clients: the NOVA Profile. Versatile, intuitive, and precise, the NOVA Profile not only allows him to find the right way to communicate within a team, but it also helps to establish the procedures to follow based on each client's individual reality.


Self-knowledge at the core of efficiency

In his practice, Marco has noticed that entrepreneurs often know themselves reasonably well but aren't particularly aware of what motivates their actions.  That's where the NOVA Profile becomes a crucial tool. Thanks to the concept of motivations, combined with colors, he manages to dive in deeply with his clients and their self-awareness, even with those who believe they already know themselves well.

Sure enough, with Marco's coaching, his clients realize how crucial this step is in achieving their goals. They quickly understand what distinguishes the NOVA Profile from other psychometric tools and finds that this step of self-knowledge helps them find - or find again - the intention behind their business.

It's an aspect of their personal development that leads them to make business decisions in a much more creative and efficient manner rather than solely relying on numbers and statistics. Since they have their motivations and intentions in hand as markers, they're more in the "take action" than in the "reaction" when faced with various situations or unexpected events.



When Marco watches a client realize that his business impacts something more than just the bottom-line, and how that impact starts with him and extends to his family, his employees, and society, he feels that he genuinely helped them and contributed to something greater.

Right now, in the current context of a global coronavirus pandemic, Marco has felt an urgent need to act. Through his life experiences and that of the clients he has accompanied, he is particularly aware of the distress - financial, emotional, psychological - that can afflict an entrepreneur in precarious situations.

He, therefore, called upon his contacts to form the Coaches Alliance, a support group made up of a dozen business and personal coaches who provide assistance sessions to entrepreneurs who feel the need, and this, free of charge. For more information, visit his website.

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Published on 2020/07/10
by The NOVA Team

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